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Martina Wojtylova Opava

Founder of the Soul Clearing method

        for parents & children

Certified wellbeing coach

Director & Founder of the Charity project "Life in a Suitcase" helping abandoned newborns

Best selling author (One, #Stayhome, Lady X) - my books on Amazon

one the book martina wojtylova opava
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When my children were born, I made a promise to become the best mother on Earth.


I studied sociology, psychology, mental health development, building identity process, Montessori and dozens of parenting methods. I had the knowledge and yet, often I caught myself using parenting tools I promissed not to ever use.  


Until, I developed my own SACRED EVENING RITUAL - called SOUL CLEARING.

This unique ritual have been our favourite part of the day since 2015. It has helped us to build a strong emotional bond based on trust, unconditional love and acceptance. 

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