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The 4-month program
that will change your life

Fifteen years of experience, all condensed into one incredible 4-month-long journey.

Rocket-start your career as energy coach or simply elevate your current profession – no matter your field of expertise!

Do you relate to any of these?

I wish I knew how to get my life back together

Your analyst told you the root of your problems, but left you wondering: OK, but what can I do about it?


I want to personalize my services to make clients happy

You work with people, but you see your services are not one-size-fits-all. However, you would love to make your clients happy and satisfied with their experience.


I want to connect with others and bond deeply

You wish to build strong relationships with your clients on a deep, personal level. To understand their needs and actually help them.

Do you wish to...?
Understand the human psyche

by looking through the spiritual lens

Surpass your limits

and work hard on your self-development

Really help others

towards a more balanced and peaceful life

Become part of a community

of other motivated and like-minded women

This online program will help you:

Jumpstart your coaching career

Jumpstart your career as a certified energy coach – from the theory to getting your very first clients.


Get better at your current job

By applying the most effective Modern Energy Coaching techniques, you will not only get happier clients, but also become a better boss or colleague.


Become confident

Becoming an energy coach also means working towards boosting your self-esteem, self-love and self-acceptance.


Handle everyday challanges

You can apply and benefit from what you learn on a daily basis, even outside of your professional life.

Don't want to become a coach? No worries!

Honestly, there are may people who sign up and necessarily don't want to drop everything and become a coach. And that's totally fine.

Our goal is to help you implement everything you learn to whatever you want to do in your life.

Throughout the years this program has proven to be greatly beneficial to professionals across multiple fields, e.g. managers, recruiters, financial advisors, real estate agents, business owners, or even estheticians and hairdressers.


Energy is in everyone one and all around us – and once you learn how to work with it, your relationships will flourish.

Meet your guide

Martina W. Opava

​Energy coaching is my original and original approach to myself. I am my most rigorous client. My level of consciousness, my approach to life, to work, to my loved ones – all this is the result of years of work on myself and my personal methodology written in Modern Energy Theory.

  • Professional coach since 2011 with a history of 2000+ client appointments.

  • Developed her own Modern Energy Theory, based on her studies of psychology, sociology, and spirituality.

  • Completed the Spiritual Life Coach Certification by Sophie Frabotta in Florida, USA.

  • Author of Amazon bestselling books One, Lady X, and #stayhome.

  • A loving wife and a mother of two, based in Prague, Czech Republic.

The essence of my Modern Energy Coaching lies perfectly in the balance between rationality and spirituality.
How is this program any different?

Step-by-step approach & ready-to-use techniques

Martina will be guiding you throughout the whole process, every step of the way. In addition, we won't be focusing only on the theory – you'll learn the best with practice anyway!

Loads of real-life practice

Experience coaching a real client in a safe, learning environment. You will also create your own affirmations and meditations based on what you'll learn.

Small group for that extra care

Having only six students in one group allows for a very individual approach. You can ask anything anytime in the comment section or during one of our many regular group calls and 1-on-1 consultations.

Final exam

It's called certification for a reason. :)

To guarantee a high level of our graduates, we examine the practical results and assignments you hand in at the end of the program. With the certificate you will be free to professionally use all the acquired know-how to the fullest.

The Curriculum
Check out
Week 1

Intro week

Introduction to the program, getting acquainted with the platform, and tapping into the right mindset.

Week 2

Prep week

Understanding Modern Energy Theory and preparing our minds for our 4-month-long journey.

Week 3

Who are you and who are your clients?

What values every energy coach should oblige to and what are your client's needs.

Week 4

Coaching session from start to finish

Learn how to prepare for an appointment both internally and externally and how to assign others an energy type. Together we'll break down the first session with a new client step-by-step.

Week 5

Exploring dimensions of the human mind and the energy around

The energy is not only within, but also all around us! Learn to work with it and understand what lies beyond the world of our physical bodies.

Week 7

Self-esteem and your personal development

No client can gain confidence if you're missing it in the first place. And it's not going to be the only skill you'll need to improve and develop – both personally and professionally.

Week 6

Individual consultations

Week 8

Energy coaching tools and methods for you to choose from

Learn how to present the Modern Energy Theory to the world and master great practical techniques to help your clients.

Week 9

Individual consultations & coaching swap

Put to the test what you learned so far by trying to coach a classmate!

Week 10

Topics on-demand

A special week when Martina will prepare for the class a series of lessons based on what the students are most interested in!

Week 11

Week 11 – Creating your business plan

If you're serious about your career, you'll need an action plan: pinpoint the target audience, figure out your sales methods, customer care, and self-presentation.

Week 12

Week 12 – Building your personal brand

Learn how to market yourself beyond social networks, how to launch products, present yourself, and much more!

Week 14

Easter holidays

Take a break and replenish your strengths.

Week 15

Individual consultations

Week 13

Coaching practice and webinars

Bring the theory into practice – because practice makes perfect.

Week 16

Creating your tools and coaching a real client

It's your turn to create your own customized meditations and affirmations. Also, you'll get to coach an external client under Martina's supervision.

Week 17

The dark side of coaching

How to handle negative feedback? What if the client didn't pay? When should you recommend a colleague? And what if your family and friends don't support you in what you do?

Week 19

Week 19 – Final exam week

To receive the official Modern Energy Certification, you'll be evaluated based on the practical work you hand in.