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Soul Clearing Ritual

Magic form of a loving dialogue for parents & kids

What is the Soul Clearing Ritual?

It is a time and space when we dedicate our full attention and pure energy solely to our child, in a safe environment, during a time that is most suitable according to the child's routine.

for Parents and Children

Ritual of Mental Hygiene

If you believe, just like I do, that being a parent means much more than just providing for the child's physical and material needs, you are in the right place.

The Cleansing of the Soul ritual is a tool for the healthy mental development of children, and by starting to practice it, your relationship with the child will immediately strengthen, along with mutual trust, communication, and empathy.


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How a child feels during childhood influences their entire adult life

I have prepared this ritual based on my studies in sociology, psychology, my 12 years of coaching experience, and most importantly, my personal experience with the Soul Clearing Ritual with my own children.


I believe that the ritual will also become your favorite part of the day. Believe that it is an investment in a long-lasting, loving relationship, mutual unconditional trust, and openness to each other.

Let's give our children feelings of unconditional love, acceptance, and security. Let's gift our children what their souls desire and create a nightly ritual for them.

Mutual bond

During the Soul Clearing Rituals you will build a loving mutual bond.

Why practice the ritual?

From birth to adulthood, this beautiful ritual helps both you and your children with mental and emotional well-being, building a strong bond, personal strength, developing emotional intelligence, empathetic listening, and fulfilling basic human needs (the need to be loved, accepted, to belong, and to be unique).


The ritual supports emotional intelligence development in children and teaches them empathetic listening.


Thanks to the ritual, both you and your children will find relief for your souls and bodies.

Soul Clearing Ritual 1:1 coaching session

I can help you to fix relationships at home as well as give you the right energy kick towards your business goals.


We can go further to improve your parenting skills with my Unique Soul Clearing Method and you can bring your spouse&children to work on your family dream life together.⁠ ⁠


1:1 Coaching
Modern Energy coaching

On our way together, we'll cover your healthy mental routines, selfrepresentation, energy typology in practice, communication styles, and many other coaching tools that I personally use every day.⁠ ⁠

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Coaching Certification
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Modern Energy Coaching Certification

A 4-month certificate program for women coaches, trainers, trainers, therapists and other professionals who work with people.

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