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Soul Clearing Ritual

MAGIC form of a loving dialogue for parents & kids

Reasons to practice

Do you want to know how to truly connect with your child on the soul level? Soul clearing ritual can help you with (re)connecting. 


You will strengthen your parent & child bond more than you could ever imagine


You will fulfill your child’s mental and spiritual needs


You will support their identity, selflove and selfacceptance


Free Step-by-step guide

for Soul Clearing Ritual 

How to have a better bond with your children?

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Hi, I'm Martina Opava

Founder of the Soul Clearing method

        for parents & children

Certified wellbeing coach

Director & Founder of the Charity project "Life in a Suitcase" helping abandoned newborns

Best selling author (One, #Stayhome, Lady X) - my books on Amazon

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