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How do you communicate with your children? Do you ever lie to them?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

A yoga class: Look at the faces! My God, my amazing daughter drew a picture of a yoga class that I took some time ago and, although it was a pretty tough class and I don't remember anyone standing and smiling, Klara felt the energy of all participants.⁠

Children are empaths and their soul tells them the truth every time

We may try to say half trues or little lies but..NO, they can feel something's not right immediately.

So what can we do?

➡ You, my darling, an introvert who's not used to say: "I love you" aloud, don't worry. Your children can feel your love.⁠

➡ You, my sweet speaker, don't ever try to juggle with words and meanings, use your skill to tell educational stories or tell them about your family's memories instead of pretending you know all (just because you know how to speak about anything). Otherwise, you may lose trust! ⁠

Let's teach our children to use the correct meanings of words

Honestly, ... Frankly, ... The truth is... You'll see how powerful these words are when used by such clear souls. The truth is that I had to start watching my mouth a long time ago as well!!⁠

How about you? How do you communicate with your children? And do you ever lie to them? With love, Martina⁠

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